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Fireplace Repair in Columbus, OH

From a buildup of soot or creosote to cracks and chips in your firebox, a fireplace that is damaged or in disrepair poses a risk to your household every time you light a fire. When your fireplace is no longer safe to use, it is of the utmost importance that you seek the help of a professional for fireplace repair in Columbus, OH. Custom Fireplace Professionals, LLC has more than 50 years of experience diagnosing and repairing both fireplaces and chimneys in the area. This experience has given us insight into just how important it is to have a safely functioning fireplace year round, as the results of an issue tend to be severe.

Our fireplace service is intended not only to correct major issues, but also to keep the fireplace in great condition, ready for every season of use. Wood fireplace maintenance is especially important to a safe home, as the carbon that builds up on the inside of your chimney is combustible. If another issue is present in your chimney, this combustion can even be deadly. Whether you enjoy regular use of your fireplace or your fireplace has been sitting unused for years, it is time to call the professionals to ensure that it is in perfect condition when you're ready to light a fire. When it comes to something as volatile and tricky as fire in your home, the best course of action is to play it safe.

Fireplace Repair in Columbus, OH   

Comprehensive Fireplace Service from the Experts

Whether you need basic cleaning or more specialized services, such as fireplace gas valve repair, we are the name to trust. Apart from the annual buildup of carbon deposits, there are a variety of damages that fireplaces and chimneys accrue over time. Some of these are simple damages that affect only the chimney and some are considered major fire hazards by the National Fire Protection Association. To make sure your home is fully up to code, you need to know that the repairs and maintenance you're getting are thorough. Don't leave something as dangerous as fire up to chance.

Fixing a fireplace is one thing; fixing a gas fireplace is something entirely different. Rest assured that our team has all the technical and mechanical skills needed to get your gas fireplace back in working order in no time. Let us come by and give you a comprehensive inspection today.

Call us the moment you notice your fireplace has sustained damage for swift, efficient repairs. We are proud to serve Columbus, Dublin, and New Albany, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.
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