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Fireplace Doors in Columbus, OH

A fireplace is among the most attractive and enduring aspects of any home. Something about fireplaces evokes a nostalgic, comforting feeling that puts people at ease and beckons them to sit down and relax. Even the most modern of fireplaces need safety features that keep the first where it belongs. The most essential of these is the doors that separate your fireplace from the rest of the house. Our selection of fireplace doors and screens in Columbus, OH, as well as electric fireplace inserts. This allows for you to maintain a gorgeous wood or gas fire without the worry that smoke or debris will spill out and prevents access when not in use.

Even when you are not currently burning a fire, the soot and ash that builds up in the bottom of your fireplace is only a strong gust of wind away from spraying out into your living room. However, just because a door is a functional aspect of your fireplace does not mean that it can't look good. We carry a wide variety of styles and materials that are sure to fit your aesthetic. We recommend an open glass fireplace insert so you have the option to light a fire, close the door, and still enjoy all the beauty of flames.

Fireplace with Doors in Columbus, OH   

The Latest in Fireplace Inserts

If you have an older fire box that has seen better days or you're simply looking for an alternative to burning wood, look no further than Custom Fireplace Professionals, LLC for a wide selection of electric alternatives. Many of our customers come in believing that they have to completely remodel their fireplace in order to repair their firebox or convert it to an electric or gas alternative. With our affordable and convenient inserts, a complete renovation is unnecessary. Each insert comes equipped with a set of brand new glass fireplace doors that let you view the fire without risking the fire spreading.

Inserts are the quickest, easiest way to get a brand new fireplace on the market. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, trust in our team to assess your situation and decide whether or not an insert is right for you. In many cases, the cost of renovating an older fire box is prohibitive. Let our professionals come in and offer you the affordable insert and fireplace door installation you need to get your fireplace back in working order in no time.

Contact us today for an inspection and consultation to see if fireplace inserts are right for you. We are proud to serve Columbus, Dublin, and New Albany, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.
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