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Chimney Repair in Columbus, OH

Of all the components of the modern home, fireplaces - especially the chimneys, are often the most neglected. Since they are usually out of site and difficult to get to for repairs, most homeowners let them fall by the wayside, letting them sustain damage and build up soot for years. In a place like Ohio, this is a serious problem when it comes to lighting a fire in the winter. If it has been awhile since you've had your chimney inspected, call upon Custom Fireplace Professionals, LLC for the expert chimney repair in Columbus, OH, you need to stay safe when the season turns cold.

Anyone who has lived in a climate where fireplaces are used frequently knows just how dangerous a damaged or uncleaned chimney is. If the carbon that builds up on the inside catches fire, it can lead to explosions, and any sort of blockage results in massive smoke damage to your home. Our chimney sweep and chimney repair service is intended specifically to address these problems, preventing your home from sustaining damage and keeping your family safe from the fire hazards it presents. We recommend at least getting an inspection from a professional fireplace company once a year, but it is optimal to get an inspection at the beginning and end of each season of use to ensure your safety.

Expert Chimney Sweep & Chimney Repair Service

The two most common spots of concern when repairing a chimney are right above the firebox at the base of the chimney and up on the roof. These two areas are prone to the most damage, since the base experiences constant heat and soot buildup and the top is exposed to the elements. Our chimney sweep and chimney repair service experts perform thorough inspections of these and all the other parts of the chimney to assess any damage it might has sustained over the years. After addressing any damages to the masonry, we meticulously clean and sweep your chimney and fireplace, making sure that any soot, creosote, and carbon is completely scoured from the inside.

Your chimney represents a unique aspect of your home in that it is both functional and aesthetic. We are devoted to ensuring that your chimney both looks beautiful and works safely and efficiently year round. No one wants to be stuck without a place to light a fire when the cold sets in.

Outdoor Chimney Repair in Columbus, OH
Call us today to get an inspection of your chimney and the repairs and cleaning you need to use it safely. We are proud to serve Columbus, Dublin,  New Albany, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.
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